We provide online mental health and wellness coaching and counseling, giving people struggling with mental health a simple way to seek help

Services Offered

Online Coaching and Psychotherapy

Individual Coaching and Therapy

Corporate Training

Corporate Coaching for companies

Use the services of a coach

Coaching is when you have a partner with whom you can discuss ideas, situations, and solutions. It will help formulate thoughts like this in such a way that you hear yourself from the outside, draw conclusions and consciously choose the most effective way.

The coach uses special techniques asks questions, answering which you can understand your situation much more deeply. Will be bring up topics that you yourself most often avoid, but discussing which can provide insights and improve the effectiveness of decision-making.

 During the coaching session, you will receive real feedback and support in developing the necessary skills, competencies or projects.

The results of our coaching sessions

  • You will be able to increase the efficiency of decision-making.
  • You will clearly formulate your goals, plans, tasks.
  • You will see which action vectors are effective and which are not.
  • You will have new unexpected ideas.
  • You will understand how not to give up and always finish what you start.
  • You will receive a systematic magic coin.
  • Prescribe a personal effective work and rest regime
  • You will be monitored in the execution of the plan.
  • You can easily take a leap and get out of the period of stagnation.
  • Gradually free yourself from the “tails” of emotional dependence.
  • Start with a clean slate in family or team relations.
  • They will help you put a full stop where it is needed.
  • You can make life bright, full of events and people.
  • You will do more.

About corporate and business coaching

We can offer the following types of services:

1. Classic Executive -Coaching – Working with executives on management/marketing/organizational requests etc.

2. Corporate team coaching — individual and group sessions to develop the potential of employees.

3. Corporate course with soft skills for the company (there are options on 3/6/12 months)

We work online and face-to-face, individually and in groups.

5 reasons and advantages to choose our services

Adequate format

Honest prices and guarantees

A coach with great experience and many sessions

Complete confidentiality

Many people trust us.
We cooperate with small and large companies

How does it works


After you leave an application on this site, we will contact you




Discuss your requests|expectations, ask each other some questions



If you decide that coaching will be useful in your case, agree on a convenient time and date for the session



Usually the duration of the session is 60 or 90 minutes




You will receive the plan for working with the problem and control of your coach

Types of the sessions and subscriptions we offer

One-time face-to-face or online coaching session up to 60 minutes

1 month of working with a coach (4 sessions + daily reports/control in Telegram)

1 month with unlimited work with our coach (more sessions, priority in the schedule)